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Orchestrating Visual Studio Code : Part 8 : CI Builds

12th May 2018

In this section, we will be adding a Continuous Integration (CI) build that leverages our scripts and tasks.

Travis CI

Travis CI is a free CI server for open-source projects.

The Configuration File

Create the file .travis.yaml in the the root of your project:

language: csharp
solution: WebApp.sln
mono: none
dotnet: 2.1.101
  - chmod +x ./scripts/
  - ./scripts/ compose
  - ./scripts/ unitTests
  - ./scripts/ nugetPublish
sudo: required
  - docker

Be sure to include the leading . in the filename.

Travis Setup

Head over to to see the build in-action.


This wraps up the end of the web series Orchestrating Visual Studio Code.

The Source Code

You can find the source code for this article in the following repository under the part-7-nuget-deployment branch:

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